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Editorial Services

Why do I need an editor?

Every piece of writing deserves an editor. Authors are so close to their own writing that they often become blind to its flaws. An editor can give you the fresh perspective necessary to discover how your writing will be received by readers. Editors are trained and experienced in catching errors and stylistic inconsistencies. Clarity and readability are essential to effective writing, and both will be improved by a skilled editor.

What kinds of writing do you edit?

I enjoy editing in several different genres, including fiction of most types, legal treatises and other legal texts, business advice, historical accounts, and websites. I work on pieces of any size from short articles to multi-novel series. I am always looking to expand my horizons, so feel free to contact me about your work even if it doesn’t fall into any of these categories.

What type of editing do I need?

There are several different stages of editing, and your work may need one or more of them. I specialize in line editing and copy editing, often done together, but can provide other types of editing in certain circumstances as well. These are the types of editing, in the order they are generally done:

Manuscript assessment is a broad overview of your work to give you a sense of areas that need improvement generally, such as character development, plot, structure, dialogue, tone, and description.

Developmental editing is a more detailed assessment of character development, plot, structure, dialogue, tone, and description, with specific suggestions for improvement in the text.

Line editing is making suggestions regarding word choice and reworking the syntax of your sentences to improve flow, readability, and clarity, while preserving tone and the author’s voice.

Copy editing is correcting errors of spelling, punctuation, and grammar, as well as bringing consistency to the writing by aligning it with a style guide or style sheet.

Proofreading is a final check of the document, often done after typesetting, to correct any remaining errors in typography or layout.

How much will editing cost?

Because each writer and work is unique, rates vary depending on the type and level of editing your manuscript requires. Please contact me with details about your project for an estimate.

Can you guarantee you will correct every error?

No editor can guarantee perfection. However, I always strive to correct every error and provide suggestions for improvement wherever I spot an opportunity to improve your readers’ understanding and experience.