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Client Testimonials

Liz has edited my last four novels. What a great experience! I look forward to working with her again and again. She is reliable, responsive, and exceeds my expectations every time. As a writer herself, she knows how to preserve my voice while also correcting my mistakes. I strongly recommend Liz to any author who wants to produce the best work they can.

Patrick Kelly, novelist

I have been working with Liz for several years now and with every project she edits for me or my clients, she always brings her “A Game.” She is an outstanding editor who never fails to meet a deadline. I love that she also brings her lawyer perspective to each and every project—that is invaluable to me.

Paula Black, author and coach

For the past four years, not a single book of mine has been released without Liz’s eyes and red pen. Not only does she talk me off ledges, roll her eyes at my love of adverbs, and let all my I-will-never-be-late-again lies slide, but she makes the characters, stories, and me shine. All without batting an eye.

Randi Cooley Wilson, bestselling author

Liz started with us on the Havenwood Falls project at the very beginning nearly 3 years ago, helping us to produce over 80 titles by 40+ authors in that time. She’s stuck through the insane deadlines without complaint, often working with me to rearrange schedules when circumstances changed. In a project of this magnitude—that many books with so many different authors—consistency is paramount. Liz has helped me track every little detail. Besides myself, nobody knows this world so well. Sometimes we felt like we actually lived in Havenwood Falls, we were so immersed in the world, and I am so grateful she’s been right there with me. Her attention to detail and knowledge of grammar are stellar, but her work ethic and commitment to ensuring you produce the best work possible are what truly set her apart. If you want a professional expert with the highest quality of work, I can’t recommend Liz highly enough.

Kristie Cook, Publisher, Ang’dora Productions, LLC

Liz came to the rescue when I was too close to a piece of writing. She used her objective eye to comb through my words and provide greatly needed clarity. With her help, the publishing process was a stress-free event.

Christa Rolf van Baale

Thank you for your tireless work on the DCBA’s centennial book. Your thoughtful edits brought consistency and clarity to the manuscript, and your willingness to work on a shortened deadline saved our production schedule.

Matthew Ridgely, Dade County Bar Association Executive Director